Red Wine and Health


Red wine is thought to have positive effects on the brain. It is positive to preserving memory and according to research done at Mt Sinai School of Medicine it may help prevent Alzheimer’s.  Red wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz etc) also have a positive effect on ones heart health. They improve Omega 3 fatty acids and positively impact HDL cholesterol also known as “good” cholesterol and fight against the “bad” cholesterol from taking place. Red wine is also said to be beneficial in thwarting plaques in the heart (specifically arteries). It is also thought to have anti oxidants that may help in cancer prevention.  When grapes ferment it magnifies the antioxident level in wine which in turn aids taking more of those anitoxidants in.  Another potential benefit of wine is that it may aid in reducing stress.  This is not a passport to go overboard though as there are adverse effects to consuming too much (more then a couple of glasses).